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About 1v1 Battle

If you are an avid believer in discovering mysterious adventures and conquering fierce battles in space, don't forget to put your name on 1v1 Battle’s gold list. Thanks to the attractive gameplay with the extremely majestic launch from the publisher right from the time of its launch, it has attracted a strong attraction to players.

1v1 Battle’ is really captivating.

It is a survival fighting game where the main goal of the player is to survive to the end to win. Entering the match, the player will be equipped with basic guns, step by step sweeping the opponent and "swimming" in the battlefield full of the fierce smell of gunpowder. The map in this game is very diverse, both in terms of layout and how to choose where to receive weapons. Volcanic areas or beaches are perfect places for you to show off your sniper rifle, and in tight spaces, shotguns will be a perfect choice. This game allows players to freely choose mighty warriors that suit their style and playstyle.

Not to mention, the arsenal of weapons in the game is up to 300 types and they are especially completely free. As long as gamers spend time and effort "plowing and hoes", they will be yours. It's great, isn't it? The point that makes a big difference in the game is the way the character works. From stealth to direct attack, choosing and combining in a squad is a factor you should consider to achieve the best results. In this game, you will control the shooter in order to remove your competitors. The main thing to remember is that you or your opponent might win after only one shot.

There will be significant challenges on the map that change continues to make the game more complicated, so immediately calculate and attack properly. Missions in the game are very diverse to provide a realistic game experience like participating in a real battle from performing individual missions, commanding an army. Controlling your character is also simplified. You can easily navigate using the mouse and keyboard. The weapons and items are also presented in an easy-to-see way. Although it is a game produced on a low budget, it is still fully equipped with guns and other combat vehicles.

Special features of 1v1 Battle

1v1 Battle is considered a serious competitor compared to games of the same type. The game brings you a whole new world of arenas with warriors dressed in polished armor exclusively for the players of this game. 3D graphics with minimalist design helps to reduce device configuration. It helps to alleviate some of the fierce scenery that other shooting games bring. The game possesses brilliant, colorful graphics to create a more comfortable feeling for people. Characters, buildings, weapons, fashion in cartoon style, vibrant colors to increase the fun of the game.

This is a free game, it is easy to install on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can play anywhere to relax and challenge yourself. It deserves to be known more by every gamer because of its attractive gameplay and very addictive gameplay. Especially since this is a completely free game, why don't you try it today!

How to play 1v1 Battle

Use mouse and keyboard to move the character. Be skillful to overcome obstacles. Don't let your guard down because maybe the rival is right near you

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