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About Build Now GG

Play Build Now GG - Battle 1 vs 1 with players from all around the world in a real-time shooting sport! Enjoy the most competitive game ever and put your shooting abilities to the test.

Build Now GG is a new battle royale game.

In this new fighting game, the arena will be just you and one other player. Whoever you are, how lucky you are, but at the beginning of the game, everything will be fair for 2 players. There will be 2 types of old crazy players - attack type - defense style, you will decide how you will start the game.

With the resources available, you will defend by building walls in front of you, to protect you from the opponent's attacks. Slowly close, dominate and switch to attack mode to win. For offensive players, focus on accuracy, this game requires you to be calm, not in a hurry, accuracy will be a great chance for you to win the game.

What Makes Build Now GG Difference

Join a squad to play with friends or players around the world. The game provides you with a worldwide and easy-to-use connection tool. With just a few taps, you can connect with a worldwide community of players. Regardless of language, gender, territory, the game connects people with the same passion.

Game modes include individual (solo), a team of two (duo), players can freely choose. Tactics and skills are two important factors when participating in the game. New modes are customized by the publisher itself. 

There are 6 modes to play in Build Now GG

Freebuild: - The simplest game mode when player vs player

- V-Arena: Exciting mode with 6 players and only 1 final winner

- Realistic 1v1: True survival description mode, with limited resources and operability

- 1v1 Boxfight: 4 player battle to the end, the winner takes it all.

- 1v1 BoxFight Zone Wars: 6 players in the war zone

- 1v1 Aim Training: improve your skills with aiming at moving targets 

- 1v1 Late Game Zone Wars: 6 players in a war zone with no resources

Latest Updates on Build Now GG

With a team of passionate engineers, we listen to all players and select valuable suggestions to improve the user experience. Fix errors, limit inadequacies, provide users with a healthy and civilized community of players.

- Duo BoxFight

duo box fight

-Duo Winter Wars

buildnow go - duo winter wars

-Red vs Blue TDM

red vs blue tdm


More BuildNow GG Update 0.3.0

With the latest update with code 0.3.0, the development team has updated the latest features. Improve inadequacies, upgrade animations and animations. With our best efforts, we hope to bring the best experiences to the community. Up-to-date details will be mentioned below.

-Added Reloading
-Added New Rifle
-Added SMG
-New default skin
-Building Animation
-Team selection (for team modes)
-Party rejoining
-Improve player network position sync
-Improve mobile camera input
-Improve weapon recoil control
-Added speed changer for training maps
-Added sniper scope
-Added render distance for builds
-Unlimited fps option
-Slightly increased player speed
-Fixed gamepad bindings
-Many bugs fixed


Many will agree that it is the most exciting online multiplayer game of the past few years. Each round will surprise the players and you, the fairness in the allocation of resources makes the late competition balanced. Each character class has a connection to the plot, has its own background and unique qualities.

The game is evolving and is geared towards everyone, with no gender or age restrictions. Everyone - emphasizing - everyone can connect with each other through the game in a fair and healthy way.

The game emphasizes discipline and good coordination between teammates - don't be impatient - you will have to pay with failure. Be persistent, stick to the plan your goal will come.

How to play Build Now GG



AIM: Right Mouse

Crouch: CTRL

Reload: R

RotateBuild R

Edit: F

Apply Edit: F

Reset Edit: Right Mouse

Floor: X

Wall: Z

Ramp: C

Roof: V

Open Chat: P

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