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About Call of Ops 3

Call of Ops 3 - The best shooting game today. The world is under attack, you must take up arms and protect the people. Use your aiming skills to conquer all challenges.

A free and extremely fun shooting game has been launched. You will enter a new world and are being subjected to a massive terrorist attack. To protect everyone from danger, you need to prepare yourself with advanced weapons and enter the arena. Nothing can stop you from being a hero.

Call of Ops 3 is a fantastic game.

You need to find yourself a convenient position for aiming. Search for the target and shoot the headshot. We have a variety of weapons and grenades available for you. To avoid getting hurt too much, equip yourself with armor. At higher levels, your opponents will also be harder to kill. They are agile and possess modern weapons. So to win you need accurate aiming skills and calmness.

Diverse arenas and formidable opponents are waiting for you. Try to complete the mission and continuously upgrade your weapons. Can you become the number one shooter in the world? Enjoy the authentic experience that the game brings. The impressive point of this game is the easy manipulation and lively sound. You can even hear enemy footsteps. That can help you spot them easily.

How to play Call of Ops 3

To shoot, press the left mouse button, and to move, use the arrow keys.

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