Fantasy Sniper

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About Fantasy Sniper

Play Fantasy Sniper - Hunt down bizarre animals and destroy them with your sniper gun. A mysterious world is being opened to welcome new heroes. Be careful in every action and become the best shooter.

Have you ever participated in a hunt? In this game, you will become a professional hunter. The animals here are also different from usual. They are fantasy animals and have the ability to hide very well.

Features of Fantasy Sniper.

You will stand in a convenient position to easily observe and track the target. You are equipped with a sniper rifle, so aim accurately and destroy the prey. They are everywhere and can move.

The game has hundreds of levels to challenge you. You need to get the required score to pass the level. The difficulty of the levels will increase gradually, so your skill requirements will be higher and higher. The aiming range will increase and your aiming position becomes more difficult. Those things will definitely make you excited.

This game gives you a realistic feeling and splendid sound. Enjoy the fun of conquering all the levels. You have to get rid of your fear of monstrous animals before you can start the game and become the number one shooter.

How to play Fantasy Sniper

Use your mouse to zoom in or out and shoot. Depending on each screen you have to stand still or use the navigation keys to move.

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