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Air Strike Warplane Simulator is a game where you take control of a warplane, and fight against other planes or helicopters. The objective of the game is not to kill Afghani Air Strikes simulator Take control of a warplane and fight in an air battle against enemy planes, helicopters, or ground targets. Shoot flaming incoming missiles with your cannons, and other aircraft with your bombs. Get the most points possible by trying to destroy as many enemy aircraft as possible before they do the same to you! Afghani Air Strikes simulator is an online action combat game set in the real world conflict between Afghanistan and India over Afghanistan’s nuclear energy program in the early 2000s. The conflict ended with a withdrawal of Indian troops from Afghanistan in 2007, but still there are frequent airstrikes by the newly formed nation of Afghani air forces. Players assume the role of one of several factions in this war; players take on the role of either invading Indian soldiers, Afghan pilots, or terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda. When invaded by an enemy faction, players must first defend their airspace from above before destroying attacking aircraft from below or vice versa. Depending on which side players take on in Air Strike Warplane Simulator, it will change how they view air battles for years to

Super Strike Fighter is a 3D Action Plane Simulator, where you can play as a pilot of a Super Bomber or a Fighter. You will have to score many victories in order to gain the highest rank. The game is played from a third person view and requires the players to use the mouse or arrow keys to fly and shoot at their opponents. Use the arrows to attack and then release your missiles once you’ve hit your target. Try not to hit anything else because you will lose points! Get ready for an intense flight combat experience as you take on various missions in this 3D plane simulator. Choose from 16 different planes and up to 8 weapons types during your mission, including air-to-air, air-to-ground, sea and naval fighter aircrafts. But be careful flying too close to the ground for example, or you might hit some civilians! Fly between 20 carefully placed airports located all over the world and destroy enemy bombers, fighters and ground attack planes. Take part in online multiplayer games with other real pilots or create your own levels using our level editor:

You like to fly, fight and shoot planes? If you do, this is the place for you! The World War 2 era has produced some of the most advanced and formidable fighter aircraft ever devised. You will command these warplanes in all manner of fighting conditions. Whether you are taking on the Luftwaffe or other air forces around the world, you will need to master your weaponry in order to engage the enemy and bring him to his knees. Try using different weapons and techniques from above, such as bombs, gunners station, cannons or bypassing radar altogether. Even if you aren’t a fan of war games, this is one that will leave you hungry for

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