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Alien Invasion is a fun and simple shooting game with elements of arcade and dungeon crawler that you can play from your mobile browser. It’s a great game to keep your kids entertained on long car journeys or if they are home from school because of snow. You play as an alien who has crash-landed on earth and needs to find their spaceship so they can leave the planet. On the way, you will encounter various other aliens who have also crash-landed here and are now trying to take over this planet. You need to fight them off until you find your spaceship and get out of there! The graphics are simple but addictive, so don’t worry if your kid is not used to complicated games with lots of strategy involved. Your kid will love the funny little aliens – after all it's “fun first” in this

This amazing game is a fast paced arcade shooter for mobile with a retro feel and modern graphics. The game is about shooting as many pesky aliens as you can, before they take you down. There are three levels in the current version of the game, each with increasing difficulty. In the final version there will be more than 60 different types of enemies to keep things interesting. You have three lives per level – if you run out of lives, you must begin again from the first level. If you like this game, please support us by following us on Twitter or Facebook or by sharing your thoughts with us in the blog section. Your feedback is always welcome and helps us improve our

This game is a tower-defense style game where you defend your base by shooting at aliens who are coming to attack you. You control a turret and shoot at the aliens to keep them from getting past. There are 25 levels, each more challenging than the last. The game is free to download, but there are in-app purchases to buy new weapons, upgrades and abilities for faster shooting, stronger bullets or better defense. If you like this game, also check out our other HTML5 shooting games like Gunstrike and Space

Aliens are coming to invade Earth! It’s up to you to defend the planet by shooting as many aliens as you can with your trusty laser cannon. But be careful, they keep coming in waves and there are more than just green lizards out there. This game is a fun, addicting and challenging arcade shooter game. The graphics are beautiful, the sounds are incredible and the gameplay will keep you on your toes. How many aliens can you

Alien Invasion is a fun and fast paced arcade shooter with a retro feel. Your mission is to defend the Earth from an alien invasion. You play as one of four unique characters and use your unique shooting abilities to destroy the alien ships before they destroy

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Using Mouse

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