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About Animal Well

Prepare to be captivated by Animal Well, a mesmerizing Metroidvania unlike any other. Hatch from your flower and delve into a labyrinthine world teeming with secrets, both beautiful and unsettling.

A World of Layers, Both Literal and Figurative

Animal Well is a masterclass in atmospheric exploration. You'll navigate a dense, interconnected world, each section meticulously crafted with stunning pixel art and captivating soundscapes. Collect unique items that grant you strange abilities, allowing you to manipulate your environment and unlock new paths forward.

Light the Way, Uncover the Truth

There's more to Animal Well than meets the eye. Darkness holds dangers unseen, so you'll need to strategically light candles to navigate safely. As you explore, your map gradually fills with details, helping you piece together the sprawling world and its hidden lore.

Embrace the Nonlinear Journey

The beauty of Animal Well lies in its open-ended exploration. Forget linear progression. Here, you choose your path. Collect items and unlock abilities at your own pace, venturing into whichever corner of the well piques your curiosity most.

Tips for Thriving in the Well

  • Curiosity is Key: Every nook and cranny holds secrets. Be observant and experiment with your newfound abilities.
  • Light Up Your World: Don't underestimate the power of a candle. It can reveal hidden pathways and keep lurking dangers at bay.
  • Embrace the Unexpected: Animal Well is full of surprises. Be prepared for moments that will make you laugh, gasp, or simply scratch your head in wonder.

Animal Well is a unique experience that transcends traditional gaming. So, are you ready to descend? Just remember, the deeper you go, the more the well reveals...and the more it might just reveal about you.

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