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Archer Hero is a casual, arcade and sports game. The objective of the game is to shoot all the characters (Archer) in a limited time using only your Bow and arrows. The game has simple one touch controls so you don’t have to be an expert with your device. There are three different worlds where you need to find and eliminate archer heroes by shooting them before they can hit the basket in each level. Keep upgrading your bow to get more power, accuracy and range. All the levels are based on reality and there are different ways through which you can reach the end of each level. - Hypercasual genre: This is a casual genre with intuitive gameplay. This category also includes games such as Candy Crush, Where's my Water? etc. You can play these games anytime without feeling stress or tension because it is not very difficult or challenging as compared to other more hardcore genres such as Strategy or Arcade

Are you an archer? Do you want to become one? Then Archery Hero is the game for you! Become an Archer, collect your Arrows and Aim for the targets with precision. Shoot as many arrows as possible in less time while keeping your target in sight. Aim and Shoot! There are 2 different modes in this game: Arcade and Sports, though they have a lot of differences between them. In Arcade mode, you must shoot as many arrows as possible without missing any. You will receive bonus points depending on how accurately you hit your targets. In Sports mode, you must hit the moving targets to score points before the time runs out. If you complete both modes, you will unlock more features and

The world of archery has changed a lot in the last few years. While traditionalist still struggle with new concepts and artificial intelligence, others are embracing the future and incorporating new ideas into traditional training. And if you think that only professionals can afford such innovative equipment, you would be wrong again. Even regular shooters can reap benefits from these expensive tools if used

Archer Hero is a retro-styled arcade game in which you play as an archer. You have to shoot down the approaching hordes of enemy soldiers while they try to attack you. Mastering the art of using a bow and arrow is not easy, especially if you are new to it. However, with time, one can perfect their skills. That’s what this game is all about; perfect your archery and defeat your enemies in

Bow Hero is a skill-based archer game. It has casual gameplay and simple controls. Quick reflexes are required to shoot arrows as fast as possible. If you like casual games in which you can pass time for minutes without being bored, then try Bow Hero today! How far can your archery skills take

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Using Mouse

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