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The Battlefield is a place of death, pain and chaos. To survive here you need to be smart, fast and most of merciless. Using anything at your disposal, from melee weapons to explosives and even the terrain itself as cover, you must eliminate every opponent from the field. This is your chance take revenge for your fallen comrades or prove yourself as the ultimate warrior-leader. It’s time to Fight! Battlefield™ V is going to change the way you play first-person shooters forever. We set out to build a game that would be our legacy in the gaming industry. A game that would innovate in nearly every aspect of gameplay. But most importantly, one that we could play ourselves and enjoy playing again and again. With no less than three eras of gaming represented in Battlefield V, this was a very ambitious project but we are confident it will exceed player expectations. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Battlefield V such an ambitious

Gun Battle is a Real-Time Strategy game in which you will take control of some sharpshooters who will be fighting against the enemy. The game takes place in the battlefield and its main objective is to capture the middle area. You will have to face the enemies using various kinds of weapons. The game has more than 100 enemies and 15 different types of weapons. In Gun Battle, you will play as a soldier who must protect your base from the invading troops that are trying to destroy it. Also, you must destroy their fortified base and kill their soldiers as well. Use various weapons and tactics to outwit your opponents. This game requires sharp eye-hand coordination and fast reflexes. You need to plan carefully before attacking or defending an area because failure could cost you dearly. To hone your skills, try playing other RTS games like Command Ops; Gunbarrels; Tanks 2D; Brave Tanks; Wars Earth 2D,

The battle between the army and guerrillas is ongoing. Most of the army men have been neutralized, but there are still more of them in the area. It is your duty as a soldier to eliminate all of them before they can attack you again. Therefore, you must be prepared and now you know that there are many guns in the battlefield which will help you do that. Let’s take a look at some of them: Benelli M4 Super 90 Shotgun If you are aiming for accuracy and not power then this is the gun for you. It has an effective range of 90 meters which makes it perfect for close combat battles. Moreover, it has two firing modes- semi-automatic or pump action, so that you can make quick and accurate shots whenever necessary. Read

Ever since the invention of the first gun, men have been fascinated by them. BattleFields is a 3D FPS with realistic graphics and guns sounds. You can choose between many different types of guns, maps, game modes and even soldiers. There are also several dozen war dogs to help you in various ways. We have tried to make BattleFields as realistic as possible; you will find no super weapons or unlimited ammo here. If you want to get rid of an opponent that is hiding from you, use noise to attract his attention and keep him under pressure until he gives up or runs out of breath. Check our website for more games like this

Battle is a battle royal and each player must use all their weapons, tactics and strategies to win. Battle Royale is a last man standing video game that can be played as either a first person shooter or third person shooter. The objective of the game is to eliminate all other players through various means such as traps, hand grenades, guns and melee weapons. Players are only allowed one life so in case they get eliminated then they would forfeit that match and wait for another

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