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About Build & Crush

Build & Crush is the ultimate online playground where you can unleash your creativity – and your inner chaos!

Build Like a Boss

The building mode lets you unleash your inner architect. Stack a variety of classic blocks or get whimsical with animal blocks. Each block offers multiple variations for stairs, columns, and even triangles, allowing you to craft truly unique structures. Feeling proud of your creation? A single click publishes it for the world to see!

Demolition Delights

Now for the truly explosive part. In Crush mode, you can select any public creation and unleash glorious mayhem! A vast arsenal awaits – from classic TNT to powerful cannons, earth-shattering earthquakes, and even a one-click atomic bomb for total annihilation!

Beyond the Building and Crushing

Build & Crush isn't just about bricks and booms. A future real-time multiplayer mode promises thrilling competitions, collaborative defense against zombie hordes, and a whole lot more!

So Why Build & Crush?

Build & Crush offers a unique blend of creativity and destruction. Whether you're a meticulous builder or a demolition aficionado, there's something for everyone in this ever-evolving online world. So join the community, build something incredible, or just revel in the glorious chaos – the choice is yours!

How to play Build & Crush

Build Controls
W, A, S, D to move
Shift/Space to fly up/down
Left-click to destroy blocks
Right-click to place blocks
Crush Controls
Left-click to select weapons from the bottom part of the screen
F to enter free flight mode
C to load another random creation

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