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About Carnival Ducks

Carnival Ducks is a Shooting HTML game. Try your luck by shooting all the undesirable ducks and fish. If you strike the calm geese, you will lose points.

Shoot the ducks! It’s a carnival shooting game. Shoot all the ducks before they land on you. You have unlimited bullets to shoot each duck so be careful and don’t miss. The more you score the higher your progress bar goes up. You can also unlock new characters and even upgrade your old one's guns with better ammunition, bigger clips, faster reloading and other useful upgrades using your points. Upgrade wisely as every gun is a limited resource in this game! This is a single player duck shooting game, but we also added an AI bot option so you could play against it if you want to see how well you perform by comparison. To activate AI Bot simply touch the bot icon at the bottom left corner of the screen and wait until it becomes activated. Try out this simple yet challenging carnival shooting game to increase your reflexes, accuracy and strategy

In this amazing shooting game you have to shoot down all the flying ducks before they reach the bottom of the screen. Its a difficult task but with your help and some awesome power-ups such as double tap, rapid fire and more you might just be able to do it! Keep in mind that every time one of the flying ducks reaches the bottom of the screen two new ones will fly in from somewhere at random. So be careful and use your ammunition wisely. If you manage to eliminate all six of them before they reach the bottom then youll get an extra life which is sure come handy later on in the game! Use different weapons, targets and power-up items to obliterate these pesky birds before they reach your goal! Good

Duck, the word itself sounds so innocent and cute! But in this game you’ll get to know about the real meaning of that word. Shoot as many objects as you can within 3 seconds. If you fail, your duck dies and it is game over. So get ready to shoot ducks and become the best shooter ever! Keep playing until you reach top spot on the leaderboard. Have

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Using Mouse

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