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Police City Encounter is a first-person shooter based on an Indian police force vs. criminals premise. Players control police officers who must fight enemies in different situations. There are three different locations with multiple missions to complete. A player can choose one of three different characters, each with their own benefits and disadvantages. The game’s interface is simple but effective, with the left side of the screen used for viewing information about weapons, health and other stats. The right side shows a view of the current scene and all available options. There are four buttons at the bottom of the interface that allow you to interact with objects in your environment, look around, shoot your gun or reload your gun when necessary. Click Here To Know

Another city, another day for the boys in blue. As a new shift starts, Officer Sean Tyson and his partner get ready to hit the streets of Liberty City once again. But it doesn’t take long until things spiral out of control. While driving down their usual patrol road, they spot a couple of suspicious characters lurking around an abandoned car dealership. Officer Tyson exits the vehicle to investigate further while his partner stays put to keep watch from above. But he just gets out when gunshots ring behind him. Racing back towards his partner, Officer Tyson spots him being held at gunpoint by two masked men on top of the dealership's roof! The officer has no time to think and thus opens fire at them without

The police department of a small city is in danger because of the recent attack on its officers. A series of attacks has taken place and the police need your help to find out who’s responsible for these crimes. The community is in panic and you must assist them by playing this game. Choose one of the available characters and begin your investigation. Your task is to discover all perpetrators, analyze their motives, and help the police restore peace once again. You will have to face various challenges along the way, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle. Prove that you are worthy enough to become a police officer one day by completing this mission with flying colors and become a hero for the

New York City is a city that never sleeps. Life here is fast and chaotic with people constantly on the move. If someone has the intentions to cause mayhem, they will find their perfect hunting ground in this city. In this game, you play as an undercover police officer who must investigate on a series of attacks in New York City by masked gunmen. You will be placed into different locations that are frequently attacked and your job is to neutralize all the attackers to end the threat. Are you ready to

Think you can handle the heat? Want to prove it? Then put on your camo, gas up your car and get ready for some action. The city has been plagued by a string of robberies. It's up to you and your team to find those responsible and bring them to

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Using Mouse

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