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About Count Escape Rush

Calling all thrill-seekers and action aficionados! Count Escape Rush throws you into a heart-pounding 3D escape unlike any other. Buckle up, because in this game, you run backwards while blasting enemies into oblivion!

A Backwards Blast to Freedom

Ditch the traditional runner – Count Escape Rush flips the script. Here, you control a squad of 3D stickman soldiers, sprinting backward toward the finish line. But don't get caught off guard! A relentless horde of red enemies chases you down, so unleash your inner sharpshooter and blast them away before they close in.

Strength in Numbers

The more, the merrier! As you progress, grab power-ups and collect more stickman soldiers to join your squad. A larger team translates to more firepower, making it easier to fend off the enemy onslaught. Just remember, obstacles are your worst enemy – hitting them reduces your team's size, and complete wipes mean game over!

Strategic Weaponry

Don't just stand and shoot (well, technically, you are standing, but you get the idea)! Passing through these walls grants you powerful weapon upgrades, transforming your squad from ragtag gunmen to a walking arsenal.

Can You Outrun and Outgun?

Count Escape Rush is a chaotic blend of strategic running, fast-paced shooting, and team management. With its intuitive controls, vibrant 3D graphics, and endless challenges, this game will keep you coming back for more. So, are you ready to defy the odds and escape backward to victory?

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