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About Counter Craft 5

Gear up for an explosive adventure in Counter Craft 5! This action-packed shooter throws you into the iconic Dust 2 map, overrun by hordes of blocky zombies. Your mission? Strategically blast TNT boxes and unleash a wave of destruction to eliminate these pixelated menaces.

How to Play

Trigger Finger at the Ready: Choose from a vast arsenal of weapons, from classic shotguns to high-powered rifles. Aim down your sights and unleash a torrent of firepower on the approaching hordes.
Explosive Strategy: The key to success lies in the strategically placed TNT boxes scattered across the map. Time your shots to detonate them at the perfect moment, creating massive explosions that can clear entire groups of zombies.
Objective Oriented: Each level has a specific quota of undead to eliminate. Think tactically, utilize the environment, and make the most of those TNT blasts to achieve your objective and progress.
Unlock and Conquer: As you conquer levels, you'll unlock a treasure trove of new weapons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Experiment and find your perfect loadout to dominate the battlefield.

Tips to Become a Zombie-Slaying Master

Master the Map: Dust 2 is a classic for a reason. Learn the layout, strategic choke points, and TNT locations to maximize your efficiency.
Think Ahead: Don't just fire blindly! Plan your TNT detonations to create chain reactions and take out large clusters of zombies at once.
Ammo Management: Waste not, want not! While some weapons pack a punch, they also burn through ammo quickly. Use your sidearm or focus fire on tougher enemies to conserve ammo for those TNT-detonating moments.
Don't Be a Sitting Duck: Zombies are relentless. Keep moving, use cover effectively, and constantly reposition yourself to avoid getting swarmed.

Counter Craft 5 offers an explosive blend of strategy and action. With a massive arsenal, strategic TNT use, and the iconic Dust 2 map, it's a game that will keep you blasting your way through waves of blocky undead for hours on end. So, grab your weapons, prepare for detonation, and get ready to dominate in Counter Craft 5!

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