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Desert Shooter  is the right game for you. You will have to be fast and alert if you are playing this game with other people as well. All it takes is one player to find the weaknesses in the security of a building or an area and attack from there. And there is also always going to be that person out there who has no idea what they are doing and they will run around shooting randomly until someone puts them down. The first This one was a lot of fun; but this sequel takes things even further! Here’s how: - New locations – Egypt, Russia, USA and more than 30 new levels await you in this game; - New guns – We’ve added more than 40 new weapons along with their respective ammunition types; - New scoring system – The goal of each level isn’t just to survive any longer; but rather, reach the exit alive and collect as many stars as possible on the way! Try to get 3 stars in every level for maximum

The latest game from Armor Games and Great Escape Games is the multiplayer version of This one ! In this double-decker version of their original, two players each control a team of up to five soldiers. Each player takes on the role of intelligence agent trying to outwit their opponent in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Teamwork is essential as you must work together to escape an enemy controlled detention camp. The first player takes on the role of the Intelligence Agent attempting to escape through the desert while being chased by the other player who takes on the role of the Military Officer trying to prevent them gaining access to any important documents or equipment before they do. The Military Officer gets one chance to sneak into an empty cell block for a few moments before returning outside again. The more narrow entrances make it difficult for the Intelligence Agent, but not

Desert shooters are some of the most fun games you can play solo or with friends. These games tend to invoke a feeling of nostalgia for people who grew up in rural areas, where farmhouses were situated miles from the nearest town and where your only source of entertainment was the local shooting range. Desert shooters are fast-paced, skill-based activities that require players to aim and shoot targets using guns specially designed for these games. The player must score points by hitting as many targets as possible within a time limit. The following article lists some of the best desert shooting video games available on any platform. From PC through console to mobile phones, these games will keep you coming back again and

Desert shooter is a 2p multiplayer shooting game where you have to use your cunning strategy and tactical thinking skills to eliminate your opponents. You can play with two players locally or against AI on various maps. Different weapons and characters are available for both human and AI players. The AI is not that great at first but improves the more you play against it. Players don’t always use their best strategies so it’s important to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em in this type of shoot’em up. The game has a good variety of weapons, maps, characters and modes to keep you coming back for

This one s is an awesome 2 players shooting game. The objective of the game is to shoot the other player’s bullet so that it misses the target. You have to protect your camp from the runaway train and shoot it before it reaches you. In this game your aim is to protect your camp from the runaway train by shooting at the moving car and make sure that it misses you. Beginner friendly game play along with amazing graphics will surely make you come back again and

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