Dino Island Rampage

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About Dino Island Rampage

Dino Island Rampage is a 3D First Person Shooter game with a unique twist. It combines the gameplay of your traditional shooter, with the cuteness of

Get ready to explore Dino Island and lead your team to victory. In this third person shooting game, you are in charge of a group of scientists that have been studying dinosaurs on a remote island. When their research facility is attacked by an evil villain, the scientists activate their secret plan and trap the dinosaurs in a virtual reality where they can’t hurt anyone. However, the villain has followed them to the island and attacks once again. Now it’s up to you as a member of the research team to get back into VR mode and save the

Dino Island Rampage is a 3D first-person shooting game in which you play as an explorer who is trapped on a dino island. Your goal is to shoot and destroy all of the dinosaurs, who are trying to kill you. There are 16 types of different dinosaurs that you must eliminate, including giant apes and flying pterodactyls. You can play alone against AI enemies or with another player cooperatively. The game features simple but effective graphics, and it’s easy for new players to learn how to use the

Dino Island has been overrun with terrifying monsters. You are the new owner of this hybrid zoo-and-zombie-apocalypse and your task is simple: clear out the island, one monster at a time! This game is a fast paced third person shooter with light stealth elements and gameplay inspired by the classics like Resident Evil and Nightmare Creatures, but with a quirky

Welcome to Dino Island, where the locals are friendly and hungry for human flesh!Escape from this prehistoric hell and shoot your way through an island filled with bloodthirsty game is not a finished product. It is still under development and we will continue improving

How to play Dino Island Rampage

WASD - Move. LMB - Shoot. Mouse Wheel - Change weapon. R - Reload. P - Pause. Space - Jump.

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