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The game of DOOMSDAY HEROES, also known as Doomsday’s Day or The Battle of Armageddon, is a team-based game in which each team consists of three heroes. Each hero has his own unique abilities and perks that make him the perfect choice for his team's specific mission. DOOMSDAY HEROES takes place on a post-apocalyptic world where mankind has been forced to live in underground bunkers. You play as one of these Bunker Agents whose job it is to prevent megacorporations from mining the planet's valuable bunker resources. You must sabotage other bunker agents' missions so that you can take over their posts and increase your support team's

The game of doomsday is a strategic simulation in which players take on the role of characters fighting against the end of the world. Each player starts the game with a character, and they work to help that character win the game by getting them as many victory points as possible. This post will go over some basic strategies for playing doomsday hero, and also explore how you can improve your strategy using logic and

In the near future, humanity has been threatened by a new and powerful race of creatures known as Zombies. To fight these threat, the government created the Doomsday Hero,a special ops team of soldiers who fight against Zombies using only guns and

How to play Doomsday Hero

Using Mouse

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