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Duck Shooter is a simple, unending carnival-style shooting gallery that accelerates as your score increases. In addition to shooting the yellow duck for points, you must avoid the red ducks. When shooting the red ducks, your score is reduced. If you wait too long to shoot another duck, the game is over! Enjoy yourselves!

A straightforward take on the classic shooting gallery genre, Duck Shooter is an unending version of the game that gets increasingly more frenetic the higher your score gets. In order to earn points, you not only need to shoot the yellow duck, but you also need to dodge the red ducks. When you shoot the red ducks, the game docks points from your total score. The game is over if you wait too long between shots before attempting to kill another duck.

Relive your youth with this updated take on the classic first-person shooter! Take aim at the ducks as they emerge from the bushes on the left and right sides of the screen and fire at them.
The more challenging the level, the higher the difficulty, the faster the duck will go. You should give it your all and get to the end of the game while keeping a close eye on your reactions and being careful.
There are several moving targets; use your finger pistol to shoot the ducks.
Android game that involves duck hunting and duck shooting.

Take you right back to your childhood with the game Duck Hunter.
It's a first-person shooter game designed specifically for touch-screen mobile phones. The players take on the role of hunters and shoot ducks. When ducks come on the screen, players can shoot them by touching the screen at the appropriate time.
Take aim with the instrument, and fire.





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Using Mouse

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