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This is a new category of game that I’ve been playing lately, which means it’s not something that’s in my everyday repertoire. But this weekend was all about being spontaneous, so here we are. I call these games “Fist Bump” because they involve bumping fists with your friends and encouraging them to high-five you first (or vice versa), rather than simply clapping your hands together or saying hello. As the name implies, the objective of these games is to bump fists with as many people as possible. The best way for me to describe Fist Bump is that it’s more like playground hand-over-fist activity than head-over-heels shaking. You don’t have to be an expert handypolk to understand why: it looks awesome, feels great, and gets you involved with your friends in a casual and non-competitive way. You can teach an old dog new tricks without feeling like you’re still in

Give me a Fist Bump is an awesome game that you and your friends may play to have a good time together. On days where the Corona is in effect, shaking hands is not permitted. Therefore, when you come together, you should not bump fists with them or shake hands with them when welcoming each other. Demonstrate to them who has the most powerful punch. This game will also put your reflexes to the test, so be sure you're ready. It delivers the most powerful blow that is capable of stopping the indicator hand when it is in the green position. Have fun.

How to play Fist Bump

Using Mouse

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