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Flip Gun Simulator is an awesome shooting game. You will feel the real gun in your hands when you are playing this game! It’s so cool to play and it also become very challenging too as you progress through levels. If you want to get more points, try to unlock all of its features. This is a simple but very addictive and challenging game. The goal is simply to hit the target by flipping a virtual gun. It’s not as easy as it looks since keeping your finger on the trigger and maintaining the accuracy takes some skills! In order to flip the gun effectively, you need to use both sides of its barrel. Using most of its weight will make it easier for you to control, but at the same time, it means that only about half of it is usable for shooting. In order to make it even harder, there are different targets with varying difficulty! So, be careful when choosing where you want to shoot from since each one offers a specific

Flip Gun is a realistic shooting game where you have to help a brave soldier and his trusty gun face the enemy. The soldier is trapped in an enemy fort which is heavily guarded by the enemy soldiers. You must help him out by shooting the enemies from their hiding places and reach your base safely again. Your mission takes you through different levels with increasing difficulty as the game progresses. Each level has its own set of enemies, traps, and obstacles that can make or break your progress. Will you be able to beat all the levels with ease? Can you save your base from getting destroyed? Keep reading to find out

Guns are the ultimate way to show your friends how badly you want them. Show the world how good your aim is with a new Flipping Gun Simulator! Flip and shoot virtual weapons as fast as you can. The faster you shoot, the better your score! Destroy targets on the move using even more advanced physics and gravity than before. RECOMMENDED for Android phones and tablets with support for 3D

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Using Mouse

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