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You are the last line of defense for your kingdom. The enemy knows your name, and they’re coming to take your castle away. Arguably one of the most intense tower defense games around, CastleStorm is a fun way to pass the time on a rainy afternoon. It’s not going to change the world, but it might just take you back a little bit in history. You may have played other tower defense games in the past, but this is by far the most strategic! As you can see in our review, CastleStorm has everything you could want from an arcade-style shooter: A fun cast of characters, a challenging campaign with several difficulty modes and more than enough weaponry and armament to keep even the luckiest players occupied for hours on end. In short: If you like shooting things at castles then this is the game for

Are you ready for another castle defense game? It’s time to build and expand your castle! Get your platforming skills ready as you fight off waves of enemies with magical spells, powerful weapons, and engineer kits that act like fortresses. Choose from a variety of different game modes and strategies to best suit your playing style. Challenge your friends in an endless siege battle or take on the world in survival mode so that you can circle the wagons before the next attack. Once you’ve learned how to play, nothing will can take away your fondness for defending your

Are you ready to play tower defense? Come on down and give it a shot with the Castle Blitz Free Download for Android. This game is an arcade style strategy and shooting game where you defend your castle from enemies by throwing up fortifications, towers, and magical walls. You can also invade other players’ castles and try to take theirs for yourself! Build whatever defenses you like; from towers to archers or everything in-between. There are many different variations of tower defense games but this is the original one with 10 unique levels to

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Using Mouse

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