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You love fruits, right? Well, imagine having the ability to shoot them! Thats what you can do in this game. Collect fruit and shoot them at your target. Make sure that you aim at the center of the fruit because if you miss, the fruit will go flying in all directions. You can also collect falling fruits and watermelons to help reduce the impact of your shot. Once you get the hang of it, there are so many different ways to kill some

Are you a fruit lover? Do you love to shoot the fruit out of the target? In this shotshell game, you have to shoot all the fruits in the target. Make use of various power-ups and traps to take out as many fruits as possible before your opponents do. 

Fire the cannon to complete each level's objective of gathering all of the fruit. You need to collect all of the fruits on a level before you run out of money so that you may buy more ammunition for your cannon. Take aim at the bonus goods to increase your overall score as well as your financial reward.

Using either the mouse or the touch screen, adjust the desired power and angle of the cannon barrel. Then, to fire the ball, either click the mouse button or press the appropriate button on the touch screen.

How to play Fruits Shooting Deluxe

Using Mouse

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