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It’s time to destroy all enemies! Destroy All Enemies is a new casual game in which you need to shoot as many enemies as possible before they kill you. It’s an epic battle between Hero and Enemies. It will be challenging, exciting and intensely addicting; especially when you play with friends. Destroy all enemies!! Watch out for the incoming attacks of your opponents before they can reach your base. Build up your defences and upgrade everything you can to make sure that no one can hurt you. Try to destroy as many of your opponents as possible so that the last one remaining wins the match. You must not let them reach the base or their final objective will be completed, resulting in their death and yours. The more enemies you destroy, the higher your chance of winning increases. This is called a RISK SYSTEM and it makes this casual game into an adrenaline-pumping contest between good versus evil! With its simple yet highly addictive gameplay, fantastic graphics and amazing environments, Destroy All Enemies is perfect for killing spare minutes or replacing that electronic

This is a funny shooting game. All enemies are coming towards your base and you have to kill them before they reach your base to survive. - For the best gaming experience, use Google Chrome as your browser and update to the latest version. - Get ready for an intense battle! Destroy All Enemies has arrived! You are the last line of defense against the oncoming hordes of evil villains, and only one thing stands between you and certain death: your fully operational army. Your soldiers are more than capable of taking down any enemy that comes their way; however, unless they receive adequate support from allied artillery and air support, they might not be able to last long against an onslaught of attacks. You must rely on all available resources in order to protect your base from being overrun by dangerous fiends that wish nothing more than to see you

In this funny shooting game your task is to destroy all enemies. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Press ‘F’ key to run faster, left click to jump and press space to throw a grenade. Use Arrow keys to move and jump. Destroy All Enemies is an action packed fun filled unity 3d game where you need to destroy the incoming enemy tanks with the help of your trusty tank cannon. You will face many different kinds of enemies in the game. These enemies will come from all sides as well as from above and below you at various places in the level, so you will also need to keep a keen eye out for them as well as watch out for their attack! The enemies that you will face in this shooter include airplanes, helicopters, tanks, jet planes, boats, parachutists and even submarines! Your mission is to shoot these different types of enemies before they strike at you

The new and awesome shooting game is here. Shoot down all enemy soldiers and vehicles with your ultimate battle tank and become the best shooter in the world. Destroy all enemies as soon as they appear on-screen by triggering traps, guns, no idea? Sounds interesting? It gets better! You can now upgrade your tank to greater levels of strength, power and agility with gold you earn from each level. Funny Shooter is an amazing 3D shooter game for everyone who loves to play turrets army games, sniper games, war games or unity3d games. If you are a fan of such action games as Tiny Troopers or Space Rangers HD then this is also perfect choice for you. But don’t worry if you have never played any of them — Funny Shooter has everything what you need to start playing

The enemies are attacking your base. Save as many civilians as you can before the enemies reach them. Let's Shoot Them to Death! Destroy all enemies from your guns and earn 3 stars from each level to unlock new weapons, abilities and upgrades. Use your best strategy and tactics to annihilate the enemy ranks. Worth Playing? You Can Earn Up To 10 Stars Per Level Using The Best Strategies And Tactics! So, Are You Ready To Destroy All

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Using Mouse

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