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About Grot

Calling all retro shooter enthusiasts! Channel your inner 90s gamer and prepare to face the relentless hordes of the malevolent empire in Grot. This intense, first-person shooter throws you back to the golden age of gaming, offering a pixelated punch of nostalgia and adrenaline-pumping action.

A Blast from the Past

  • Classic Doom, Modern Grit: Grot is a love letter to the iconic shooter Doom, offering a faithful recreation of its fast-paced, demon-slaying gameplay with a unique twist.
  • Armed for Old-School Onslaught: Wield your trusty crossbow as your primary weapon, strategically picking off enemies and navigating through labyrinthine environments.

A World of Darkness and Danger

  • Retro Visuals, Modern Thrills: Don't be fooled by the low-fi aesthetics. Grot delivers intense action with its dark, sprawling levels teeming with enemy forces. The limited 16-color palette creates a distinct atmosphere, heightening the tension as you navigate through each challenging stage.
  • Unravel the Empire's Secrets: As you battle your way through enemy strongholds, keep your eyes peeled for hidden secrets that may shed light on the empire's sinister plans.

Tips to Conquer the Gloom

  • Master the Crossbow: Become one with your crossbow! Practice aiming and firing strategically to conserve ammo and take down enemies efficiently.
  • Environmental Awareness: The levels are your battleground. Learn the layouts, identify choke points, and use them to your tactical advantage.
  • Respect the Classics: Grot is a challenging game, demanding a patient and methodical approach. Don't rush blindly - take cover, strategize your attacks, and conserve resources for the battles ahead.

Grot isn't just a throwback, it's a challenging and rewarding experience for modern gamers. So, dust off your retro sensibilities, grab your pixelated crossbow, and prepare to descend into the darkness. Can you dismantle the empire and uncover the truth in Grot?

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