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In this game, you play as an adventurer who explores a remote island in search of the lost treasure. You will have to find a variety of different guns and other weapons to help you in your quest. Every time you find a new gun, you need to figure out how to “flip” it so that it’s easier to use. This game is about collecting guns and using them effectively against your enemies. You start with a weak Revolver, but by exploring the game world, finding hidden areas and breaking open crates with a crowbar, you can unlock more powerful weapons such as Double-Barrel Shotgun or Grenade Launcher. Each gun has its own stats and bonuses: some are faster firing rate while others do more damage per shot. It’s up to you how many of them you want in your inventory before moving on to the next level. There are three types of guns in this game: Primary (your basic weapon with unlimited ammo), Secondary (a weaker weapon that needs limited supply of bullets) and Special (powerful one-shot

From the creators of Crossy Road comes a brand new action packed adventure! Flick Gun Shooter is an epic new retro inspired arcade adventure game that pits you against an army of mutant chickens. You must survive as long as possible by collecting guns, shooting mutant chickens and avoiding their deadly eggs. This game is not your typical endless running game with no end and no goal. It’s filled with the same kind of fast paced action as Crossy Road but this time it’s with guns! Whether you like to shoot, collect or just love chicken-flicking games - Flick Gun Shooter has something for

Let the fun begin! Gun Flipper is an adventure game that combines the fun of collecting guns with the excitement of shooting them. Do you have what it takes to become a master gun flipper? Hunters have always collected guns as avidly as they pursue their prey, and there are probably more collectors than shooters. But these guns aren’t just for show; they can be used to shoot targets or other players in this game. Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of this exciting new

In Gun Flipper, you are a gun collector who has decided to sell your rare guns at an auction. However, things take a turn for the worst when one of the buyers turns out to be a traitor and steals all of your guns! You must now venture into the world and retrieve your precious guns before they fall into the wrong

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Using Mouse

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