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With the recent terror attacks, everyone is on edge. The people of the world are afraid that terrorism could strike anywhere at any time. In response to these events and to bring some comfort to the people, several humanitarian organizations have teamed up with technology companies to launch a new type of game: virtual reality gun shooting simulators. These games are especially popular among boys aged 6 to 18 who love shooting and being in danger. But do you think your kid will love playing it? Keep

Have you ever dreamed of being a spy or a secret agent that can fight against terror? In Gun Strike, you will be given this opportunity to take on the role of an elite combat agent and save the world from evil forces. As a member of an anti-terrorist squad, your mission is to stop the terrorists from destroying New York City. With your trusty gun in hand and your eagle eyes, you need to locate and eliminate all terrorists as soon as possible. Are you up for this challenge? Let’s get

Did you ever want to be a gun-slinging cowboy? Or perhaps a brave police officer? Or maybe even an elite commando sniper? Well, now is your chance! In this awesome 3D shooter game, you can become any one of these characters and more! You are tasked with saving the city from a bunch of crazy gunmen that have taken up arms and are wreaking havoc on everyone. But don’t worry – you are armed with your own pistol and plenty of courage. So take up arms and get ready for

Ready to be a hero and defend your city from the terror of a virtual gunman? Let’s get started, then! As a security guard, you are armed with an assault rifle and have been tasked with defending your virtual town against the random gun attacks by masked gunmen. Shoot as fast as you can to take out the masked men before they reach the school, hospital or any other important building in town. Read

Armed with a gun and your only objective is to shoot as many of the masked terrorists as you can. They’ll attack you from all angles, so be ready and stay alert! Are you quick enough to take them down? Avoid their attacks and shoot back to get an awesome reward. When the game starts, use your mouse to aim and left click to fire. Watch out for new enemies that appear after 5 seconds. Good

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