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About Hit Master 3D Knife Assassin

Hit Master 3D Knife Assassin has become a legend in the world of assassination. Do you want to be a player that is knowledgeable and vigilant no matter what the situation is? Be careful to keep control of the assassin so that you can eliminate your hunting opponent one at a time without missing anyone.

It's time to break out the knives!

Do you enjoy spy action films? Do you enjoy quietly defeating opponents? Then, put yourself to the test in an incredible Hit Master 3D game. Here, you must demonstrate that you are the most skilled and precise spy of all time! Once ambushed, you are attacked by a large number of adversaries with only a large number of knives. Throw knives, defeat opponents one by one, and vanquish all of them to survive.

The game contains numerous interactive elements. If you don't like defeating foes slowly and quietly, you can toss a knife into an exploding barrel to defeat a large number of enemies at once! Additionally, there are other boxes strewn about the area; destroy them to slow down your enemies!

In addition, you will save captives en route to victory! Save everyone and make your way to the helicopter to become the greatest hero ever.

Remember that there are numerous foes of varying sizes, and that they will not attack separately but all at once! Each is armed with baseball bats or enormous wrenches! But it's not an issue for you, correct? It will not even frighten the best secret agent!

How to play Hit Master 3D Knife Assassin

Using Mouse

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