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The game Hunting Simulator is a treat for hunters; the objective is to either hunt or avoid being hunted. You have the instincts of a hunter, and there are animals nearby; you should update your weapons so that you can obtain a clear shot, and the closer an animal is to you, the greater your chances of killing it will be. You have to wait till you have a clear shot before you can start shooting out hunters as the clock runs out. There are some creatures that are deadly and they will defend themselves. Gives you access to unlocked levels after each flawless shot, but watch the clock since it can run out very quickly and keep in mind that every shot you take is important. If you are fortunate enough to emerge from the ordeal unscathed, you will have a tale to tell your contemporaries as well as some prizes to display in your living room. The stakes have been raised!

You are a hunter and you have been given one last chance to avenge the death of your close friend. Your friend was shot by an unknown sniper while hunting deer. The hunter’s instinct is to run from the danger but your duty as a hunter today is to track down the shooter, kill him, and avenge your buddy’s death! Useaim,shootandknife skills to take down your enemies in this exciting first-person shooter game. Pick up weapons and gadgets that will help you take down bigger and badder prey. Use walls or buildings to get behind your enemy for a sneak attack or trap them on higher ground. The choice is yours in this adrenaline filled Hunting Simulator

What’s the best way to kill some time on a boring day? Improve your aim with a Hunting Simulator! These games are so much fun you’ll want to play them over and over again! The Hunting Simulator is an adventure game that lets you take on the role of a hunter. You take on the role of one of 5 different hunters who are sent out on a mission to track down a stag. Your mission? Get as close as possible without actually shooting it! Use carefully selected weapons, techniques, and masks to hunt that elusive Stag. But be sure not to get yourself or anyone else in trouble — there are No Animals On The

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Using Mouse

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