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Counter-Terrorist: Your job is to defend an inactive chemical plant from the Terrorists. There are two entrances for the enemy team and one entrance for you. To win, you must make sure that no one enters the base. The map has 3 main areas. The Chemical Plant itself, a small village that leads to it, and a military Base which is accessed via another smaller Village. To win, you must prevent players from entering the base or kill enemies that manage to break in. You have access to different weapons and can upgrade them with money earned by eliminating enemies or finding bags of cash spread around the

In this shooting game you will play as a Counter Terrorist, who has to stop the terrorist from planting the bomb. In order to do so he has to take out all the terrorists before they reach the bomb. How long can you hold on? Do you have what it takes to defend yourself against these ruthless terrorists? This is an endless survival shooter with a simple objective: Stop the enemy from planting a time bomb and escaping. Counter-Strike features single player missions as well as several multiplayer modes. Find your enemies, study their tactics and use everything at your disposal to gain an upper

Counter-Terrorists are known as CTs and Terrorists as T-side players. In this game, you will take the role of a Counter-Terrorist player. You need to clear out the map of Terrorists by capturing different points throughout the map. There are several ways to eliminate the enemies but the most efficient one is using your primary and secondary weapons along with your equipment. The game is set in a fictional Middle East country, which is currently plagued by a bloody war between two factions; both of which seek to overthrow the other regime through force and take control of the

As a Counter Terrorist you’re tasked with neutralizing the threat at its source. Prevent the terrorists from planting their explosive devices and save as many civilians as possible. Be smart, be cautious, and use your surroundings to your advantage. As a Terrorist you’re in control of the detonator, make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Plant as many explosive devices as you can and make sure they detonate at the right time. Make sure not too many civilians get hurt and try not to blow up any of your own

You are a Counter Terrorist in the midst of an enemy attack. You must survive, while helping to save hostages and defuse of your weapons, you’ll need to rely on your own skill, intelligence and quick thinking to stay alive. Can you hold off the assault long enough for reinforcements to

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Using Mouse

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