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About Key Quest

Key Quest is a charming pixel art game that will test your reflexes and timing. Embark on a quirky journey, guiding your character through a series of increasingly challenging levels.

Simple Controls, Classic Fun

Key Quest offers intuitive gameplay that's easy to pick up but challenging to master. Your character runs automatically, turning only when they bump into obstacles. The key to success lies in mastering your jumps – time them perfectly to avoid spikes, navigate platforms, and overcome obstacles!

Explore a World of Levels

Key Quest features 21 levels filled with exciting challenges. Progress through them sequentially, unlocking new ones as you conquer the previous stages. Don't worry about dead ends – you can always revisit previously beaten levels to improve your score and collect all the elusive stars.

Strive for Perfection

Each level offers the chance to earn up to 3 stars by collecting them during your run. While collecting all the stars isn't essential to finish the level, it adds an extra layer of challenge for completionists. So, even if you finish a level quickly, you can always go back and try for a perfect 3-star score!

A Rewarding Adventure

Key Quest offers a simple win/lose system. Successfully collect the key and reach the door to complete a level, but beware those pesky spikes! Touching them means restarting the level. However, fear not! The game offers unlimited continues, allowing you to keep trying until you conquer each level.

A Feast for the Eyes

Key Quest's charming pixel art graphics add a touch of nostalgia to your adventure. The vibrant colors and detailed environments create a delightful world to explore and jump your way through.

So, are you ready to test your skills and embark on a pixelated platforming adventure? Play Key Quest and experience the thrill of collecting keys, dodging spikes, and mastering the perfect jump!

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