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Your best friend needs your help. But it might not be another guy that you know from football or a lunchtime gossip round at work. It might be that evil social media chap. The one who’s always meddling in your life and stealing your fun. The one you can’t keep an eye on because he’s always nearby, tracking you down on the computer, smartphone, or tablet. The “Kill That” guy is real and he’s hunting you down on the internet — literally. He's called a "spy" and he's looking for people to finish off with a shot to the head. It doesn't matter if you know him through Facebook, Instagram, or just by his general profile — he's still a spy trying to get your personal information so he can compromise you in some way. Your only chance to stop him is by becoming the "Kill That" guy yourself — start having some fun with this multiplayer

Can you guess what kind of game this is? It's not Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, right? Maybe a new spin on one of your old favorites would be more to your liking. Regardless, this type of shooting game is called "shoot that,game" and it's a staple in any gamer's collection. This arcade style side-scrolling shooter game has it all: action, humor, and even a bit of romance for fans of VN games. The dubiously titled "Kill That,Game" offers some sweet refinements on an already great

You are a secret agent who has been tracking and eliminating a group of terrorists. You have set up an elaborate plan, but when it goes wrong, you will do anything to make sure that nothing will happen again. This time, however, it’s not going to be easy. The bad guys have got another player in the terrorist game and they are gunning for you too! If you love video games, action movies and spies then this Spy Shot game is for

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Using Mouse

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