Lizard Lady vs Herself

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About Lizard Lady vs Herself

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Not only do we get to see The Lizard, but also we get to battle it ourselves! It’s been an exhausting few days. You know that feeling when your life revolves around gaming and you’re at a complete loss as to how to spend your evenings? Well it’s time you found something to play that didn’t involve The Lizard. Enter, Lizard Lady Vs Herself, a brand new game by @TheLizardGame igon. Do not question my skill level, just download and find out why this game is so

Bitchslap,fierce, bully, superwoman, badass, fight, selfdefense.

After giving in to her genocidal tendencies and murdering the entire cat gang, Lizard Lady is consumed by remorse and confined within her own mind, where she must battle off representations of her conscience in an endless struggle for existence.

Standard first-person shooter controls include locking on with the left trigger (or right trigger on a mouse), dodging with the left shift (or right bumper), dodging (or left bumper), and jumping (or left bumper or a button or space bar). Putting the lock on is a crucial step.

How to play Lizard Lady vs Herself

Instruction Normal fps controls with left trigger on controller or right trigger on mouse to lock on, dodge with left shift, right bumper or b button, jump with left bumper or a button or space bar. Using the lock on is vital

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