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Unveil a dark secret amidst the supposed joy of a wedding day in Married in Red, a captivating 2D RPG thriller set in South Korea. You take on the role of Bok-su Go, a university friend attending the wedding of Da-jeong Choi. But as the ceremony unfolds, a sense of unease creeps in, hinting at something sinister lurking beneath the surface.

This short, yet suspenseful, experience blends elements of visual novels and point-and-click adventures.

Here's how your story unfolds

Unearth the Mystery: Explore a beautifully illustrated world with over 30 stunning CGs spread across 8 unique maps. As you delve deeper, uncover hidden clues and piece together the unsettling truth behind the seemingly happy wedding.

Solve the Puzzles: Classic RPG horror elements come alive through objective-style puzzles that challenge your mind. Utilize your detective skills and the information you gather to overcome these roadblocks and progress further.

A Character-Driven Narrative: Immerse yourself in a rich story driven by its characters. With over 3,500 lines of dialogue, you'll develop a deeper understanding of Bok-su and the tangled web of emotions she uncovers.

An Original Score: An atmospheric soundtrack adds another layer of depth to the experience, heightening the tension and drawing you deeper into the mystery.

With an estimated playtime of 30-45 minutes, Married in Red offers a thrilling and suspenseful experience perfect for horror enthusiasts and fans of visual novels alike. Will you expose the secrets hidden within this seemingly picture-perfect wedding, or will you become ensnared in its darkness? Play Married in Red and find out!

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