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Save Your World is an online multiplayer action building game where you must defend against an attacking alien invasion. Players take control of the Planet, teaming up with their friends to save the planet from being destroyed. In this game, you will guide your character through an epic storyline full of perilous situations and exciting battles against other players and aliens. FEATURES > - Play against other players in real-time co-op missions or single player campaign mode! - Battle hordes of aliens by using various weapons and explosives that are scattered around the map! - Use various strategies and tactics to defend your base from attacks from both enemies and the environment! ENDLESS MODE> - Play as many times as you want without having to pay any additional fees for extra lives or anything like that! A virtual currency can be purchased for that allows you to unlock new characters, skins, backgrounds and more! COMING SOON> - New content will be released at a regular interval! ENDLESS MODE 2> - The second iteration of Endless Mode is coming soon with more levels and adventures than ever before! ACHIEVEMENTS AND LEVELS> - Unlock Achievements while playing through the campaign mode or buy them with coins earned during gameplay! PROS AND CONS > ENDLESS MEODE> PROS> - Great graphics make the game very enjoyable even on older devices such as HTC One, iPhone

The year is 2180. In a few short decades, mankind has changed. Mosquitoes have evolved into sophisticated carriers of diseases and insects that require darkness to survive. The ecosystems of the world have been disrupted by the use of industrial chemicals and farming methods. And with it all came the bloodsucking mammals, commonly known as “Z-Mores” or “Zed Cumals”. Their numbers are small at present but with their rapid breeding rate and their aggressive territorial nature, we are sure they will soon become a much bigger problem than ever before. In order to prevent this, scientists from around the world have developed a secret project code named "Project: Save The World". A top-secret installation has been built deep within an uninhabited region of Canada’s northern coast and from there, a massive beacon is being send towards space to attract and repel the Z-Mores which will be attracted towards it like moths to a bug zapper. If you can’t stop them by killing them then you repel them by telling them

You are the survivors of a destroyed planet. In order to rebuild, you must defeat the zombie menace and build a new home for humanity. Save Your World! Welcome to Minecraft: Save The World. The first mobile game in development by creators of the best-selling mobile game, Minecraft, Mojang and Valve have joined their efforts in creating this brand new experience. Everyone's favorite blocky world has been turned into a real-time strategy survival game! Survive against zombie-like creatures with other players online or solo as you battle across different maps and environments. - Battle Tons Of Different Types Of Zombies With Different Strategies - Collect And Use Materials To Craft New Tools, Weapons And More To Fight Back Against The Zombie Apocalypse - Encounter A Whole New Level Of Strategy As You Build Up Walls And fortresses To Fight Off The Undead Or Become One Of

Help the world survive the zombie apocalypse! Save Your World is an epic battle between Zombies and Humans. You as a human have to find other humans and bring them to safety. Keep your group alive by defending them with different walls, barricades and turrets. Build up your base along with upgrading it to fend off stronger enemies. Prepare yourself for some serious action! This game is a pure survival experience where you need to think faster than your foes and build smarter than them. Will you be able to safeguard humanity? The fate of the world depends on YOU! FEATURES: - Simple one finger control - Intuitive drag-and-drop gameplay - Upgradeable defenses - Challenging zombie waves - Leaderboards &

Just in case you haven’t heard, the universe is ending. In a few months, the sun will flare up and destroy us all. You’ve got 24 hours to prepare your home planet for when it kicks the bucket. This means we need more than just normal people anymore. We need heroes now more than ever

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