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About Modern Blocky Paint

Play Modern Blocky Paint -Take action without first learning anything! We always have a collection of weapons available for you to choose from. Throw punches and fight with the simple press of a button!

The special point of Modern Blocky Paint

Constantly change the different weapons in your collection to be able to kill the way you want. Always remember to read the mission instructions before going to war with the best strategy and easier victory. Best of all, this game is completely free! You can fight alone or join the fight with your close friends. Then build strong fortresses. You can also complete each mission while in stealth to make your opponents unnoticed and shoot them! Surely your sorrows will be gone after participating in this game.

On the other hand, Modern Blocky Paint also sets up the playing position so that we can choose. You can choose to play with people from your region or people from other continents. That gives you different experiences from anywhere in the world. Private rooms with an optional number of people are also installed. Sometimes you want to try the feeling of playing alone or playing with a team. When playing with friends, have a suitable strategy because the difficulty will be raised.

3D graphics, vivid gameplay, easy controls, intuitive interface are the features that keep you playing this game for a long time. A world of action awaits you. Moving the character is very easy, no one can stop you from winning.

How to play Modern Blocky Paint

You just need to use the navigation keys on your keyboard to pass through the boards, jump over your opponents, slide under obstacles, and show off your pinpoint shots! Use the mouse to control the direction of your character and weapon. If you want, you can watch the tutorial in each game and learn how to destroy the enemy. But you hardly have to learn anything for each level, which means you can fight like a pro fighter and pass each difficult level with ease! With so many options, you will feel like a real shooter. 

Hold your breath and shoot! This game's clever game mechanics make it simple to play yet endlessly fascinating, with enough tactical obstacles in weapon selection, aim, and fire rate to keep the most experienced ones interested. Between stages, you'll be able to choose between health boosts, armor, and more devastating firepower, and your decision might be the difference between winning and losing.

Destroy any enemies you see along the way. You should look and observe around to find hiding places to hide and shoot at them unexpectedly. On the way, there will also be gift boxes scattered, pick them up, and collect more necessary items such as weapons, money, and energy. When you see those boxes, you use whatever weapon you have on hand to shoot at them. The box is destroyed easily and the reward will appear. Your enemies are bandits holding many victims. Free them and be the hero! In addition, during the game, you will face very dangerous bosses when you reach the end of each level! Save the ammo for the best gun and face them.


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