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The year is 2048, and the world has become a much different place. Modern society has been thrown into chaos with the rise of the undead. As cities have crumbled overnight and the living dead have overrun everything in their path, mankind has been forced to live in small settlements far from civilization. The few remaining scientists have tried many things to try and find a solution to this new zombie pandemic but so far nothing has worked. It seems that no matter what we do, our modern world just isn't equipped to deal with this new threat. Today you will witness one man's quest to take back his home through any means 'Jack vs Zombies' is a fast-paced top-down puzzle shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. You play as Jack, an engineer who must use his weapons arsenal against hordes of zombies in order to survive. Upgrade your weapons, purchase outfits and traps from the cash shop, defeat increasingly difficult waves of zombies to unlock more levels and gameplay

Jack vs Zombies is an Awesome game which you can play on android. If you love playing 2D games and you like zombie games then this one will definitely make your day. In Jack vs Zombies, the player takes control of Jack and has to fight numerous zombies in order to save his girlfriend from the asylum they are both imprisoned in. The game has very simple controls that anyone should be able to pick up quickly. The graphics look great and are easy on the eyes while playing but they also don’t get in the way too much. The music is another great thing about this game, it fits so well with everything else and makes this game that little bit more special. It may not have a lot of content or a huge amount of levels but it does what it needs to do without putting up too much of a fuss about

Zombie Jack is a simple but fun game to kill some time. You can play this game with your friends, family or in a party. This game is a little different than all the other games you’ve played before. In this game you will be playing as the main character named “Jack” and he is on a mission to eliminate the zombies that have taken over his hometown. With only one life and twenty levels, you better get used to playing as him. That being said, there are plenty of things you can do while playing this game as well. Here are some great things you can do while playing this

This is one of the most amazing games in this android market, you will love playing this game. This is a great physics-based puzzle game. You need to use your logical thinking and shooting skills to survive in this world filled with Zombies. The first wave of zombies have just entered your town and it’s up to you to protect your family. They are coming from all directions and you will face them head on. Your home is your base but you only have limited resources at your disposal. Assemble a team, build defenses, upgrade your home and protect your loved ones at all

Playing as the ultimate Jack of all Trades, you must fight a horde of bloodthirsty zombies that have invaded your home. You are equipped with a variety of weapons and traps that will help you defeat the undead and protect your family from the zombie apocalypse. - Fight off the zombie invasion and defend yourself at home! - Strategically use different traps and weapons to decimate the zombie threat! - Develop your own strategies for each level to beat the

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Using Mouse

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