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Mummy Shooter is a casual game based on the Mummy genre. You will play as a young adventurer who has just made his/her fortune by finding a hidden treasure map. The only problem is that you’ve lost your way out of the ancient tomb that you’re trapped in! Your goal is to clear all the rooms of enemies and traps, rescue all hostages and escape from this place before it’s too late. As with any good adventure, there will be obstacles between them and you throughout your mission. Help the Magician get back to his home in this Shoot ‘Em Up game! Each level is full of different enemies, traps and tricks that must be avoided if you want to win. Try not to get stuck on any level because every time you fail to survive one more round, your score decreases by 10 points. This means that every time you replay a section of the game, try to improve your score as much as possible so that next time around, it won’t be so difficult for you! In addition, don’t forget that each level also has its own special power-up which can help you during the final moments of a round if used

This time you will play as a mother and protect your children from the zombies. You have to keep them safe from all the dangers. Keep an eye on them and make sure they stay away from any harm that comes their way. Use various weapons for protecting your family members. Upgrade your home security with different power-ups and traps to catch intruders before they can break in. Unlock new rooms, floors, and roofs to expand the house and create more hiding places for the kids. But watch out! Not everything outside is safe either. Are you ready for the challenge? Good luck! This amazing game is a physics-based shooting game that requires players to use their logic as well as intuition to complete several levels successfully. The player must plan his strategy carefully before taking each move, or else things can get tricky quite quickly when trying to take care of so many enemies at once. Be prepared for some sharp turns, because this game has a ton of twists and turns that are sure to keep even the most seasoned gamers guessing until the very

This one is an interesting single-player mobile game that involves you shooting mummies. In this game, only one person can play at a time but multiple people can join the same game simultaneously. Players will fight against zombies in this game that takes place in a city. You need to shoot down all the zombies and rescue civilians who are trapped in the building. There are different difficulty levels so you can choose how difficult it gets as you play. The mobile version of This amazing game has no in-app purchases so you don’t have to worry about spending any money to keep playing it. You will be able to unlock new characters, maps, weapons, and more by earning coins every time you play. There are also daily login bonuses for players who log in after a certain time every day. The mobile gameplay is based on touch controls but there is also support for virtual joystick controllers if that helps you out

Mummy Shooter is a classic shooting game. In this game, you will play as a shooter who has to destroy the evil spirits and protect the shrine. You have to use different kinds of weapons and traps to fight against them. The difficulty level of this game also increases with passage of time. However, with good strategy and accurate timing, you can easily conquer the enemies. In order to enjoy This one game more, we’ve added new levels every week! So don’t wait any longer and start playing the Shooting Game

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Using Mouse

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