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NOoB SHOOTER vs ZOMBIES is a new shooting and action game. In this game you are a sniper, hidden somewhere in the forest. Zombies have broken loose in your town and they have come to ruin it. The city has become their hunting ground and they won’t stop until they destroy everything that stands in their way. They keep coming in endless waves so you need to take them out one by one with your sniper rifle before it’s too late. This is an online shooting game for mobile where you get to shoot zombies and save the world from the clutches of these zombies. You will be prompted with various missions at regular intervals to keep things interesting throughout the game. Let’s see how you fair as a noob shooter against

Have you ever wanted to be the hero in an action movie, shooting zombies and saving the day? Well what are you waiting for? Prove your worth as a shooter and become the ultimate survivor! Choose between different characters to play with, each with their own abilities and perks. Hunt down zombies through a variety of locations such as a hospital, school or even a creepy cabin in the woods. Use your crafting skills to upgrade your weapons with special effects like incendiary bullets or explosive grenades. There’s plenty of carnage here so we won’t spoil it for you any further. Get ready to take out those undead freaks and have fun doing

Noob Shooter vs Zombie is a 2D side-scrolling shooter game!Make your way through the labyrinth and destroy all zombies to clear the level. Explore and hunt for hidden treasures as you progress through the and upgrade your own weapons or buy new ones from the Black Market, to become a more efficient begin your adventure now! END THE ENDLESS STRUGGLE AND SAVE THE WORLD FROM

In this article, we will be talking about the best mobile first person shooter games. There are so many different FPS games on mobile that it’s almost overwhelming! Whether you like third-person shooters, first-person shooters or other kinds of shooting games, there’s no shortage of them. Are you ready to check out these awesome mobile FPS games? Let’s get

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Using Mouse

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