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Driving simulator with police car, crime and driving realism. You are a police officer who is assigned to a patrol unit. In this task-oriented job, you need to be able to analyze, plan and execute patrols using vehicles customized accordingly to the nature of the crimes you are called to investigate. As an example, you could be driving a marked police car or a unmarked car depending on your location and the type of crimes that have recently been reported. Driving a realistic police vehicle game simulation will give you excellent insight into how different patrol strategies affect the situation and how best to approach each crime scene. Driving a realistic police car game simulation will also improve your driving skills and help you become more confident behind the

Better than driving a real police car? If you answered yes, this is the app for you! Drive a police car in an action-packed game. You can choose from several different scenarios, such as: Patrol Car - You drive your police car through town, checking off residents to let them go or take them into custody. It's also great for showing off your car's features and controls. Pursuit - This mode has you driving as fast as you can to catch the bad guys before they get to where they're going. It might be easy work at first, but after a Driving a real police car simulator is not the same as it is in this app! What's more? With realistic physics and graphics, this game offers something that no other virtual reality simulation does -

Police car simulator game that you can drive the police car in any city of your choice. You can exercise your driving skills and see how experienced are you to drive a police car in real life or on a simulator. Drive the cop car as fast as you can to catch the bad guys before they get away, avoid obstacles such as cars, pedestrians and even other police

How to play Police Car Cop Real Simulator

W -Accelerate, S -Backward, A -Steer Left, D -Steer Right, C -Change Camera, R -Reset Car, Space – Jump, L -Shift – Sprint / Nitro, M -Map, F -Car Enter/Exit, I -Instructions, P/Esc -Pause, H -Police Siren, Q -Roll, E -Inventory, Z -Missions

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