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Rambo Hit Em Up ! Zombies Edition, you play as either John Rambo or Lee Christmas in a zombie-filled world where every level is an ambush by zombies. But trust hit hard! Will you be able to survive the onslaught? The original Rambo Hit em Up is a top-down shooter where players take control of heroic American soldier John Rambo or British commando Lee Christmas in order to save their own lives and those of other soldiers trapped with them on an abandoned fortification. Every level will test your wits and reflexes as you have limited ammunition, explosives and health packs to make it through each chapter successfully. Each enemy also plays differently so there are different ways to tackle each level and overcome the obstacles along the

This one is a shooting game where you will have to shoot those zombies with a rifle. There are different kinds of zombies in this game and each one has its own abilities and characteristics. You can choose the difficulty level when playing this game and this will increase or decrease the number of zombies that appear on the screen at any given time. If you are having trouble with an almost-defeated zombie, shoot it once in the head and let it drop. Your bullets will no longer be wasted and you’ll have saved ammunition for other zombies that may appear later on. The player must be constantly on their toes throughout their entire playthrough as there will always be new zombies coming after them! If you’re good enough, you might even make it to Level 50 before the endgame

Are you a fan of Rambo and all his action? Did you love him in First Blood, or in the sequel where he had to fight against the bloodthirsty octopus? Do you enjoy shooting zombies as much as Rambo does? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this game is made for YOU! In this shoot-em-up game, you will get to play as Rambo, the famous solider from First Blood. Your mission: Hit 'em up! But be careful, because there are evil ninjas on your tail. Don’t let them catch you! You must shoot all their heads before they hit your own. How far can you make

This amazing game is a free Rambo games. In this game you have to shoot the zombies and other enemies that are trying to attack your base. You have to upgrade your weapon, armor and defense so that you can shoot more accurately and survive longer in the battle. The game is based on the classic Rambo movie series. The graphics of this game are very similar to the classic one as well as the gameplay itself. This game is only for Android OS users, but if you want an iOS version too then we will let you know about it soon! So stay

In this This game, You will take control of John Rambo. You have to dodge and shoot all the enemies that are trying to kill you. There are loads of them, so you will need a lot of shooting skills! Let’s use your guns and knives to kill as many enemies as possible and become the new strongest guy in the

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Using Mouse

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