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Rooftop Snipers is a local 2 player game where you need to hunt down and shoot the opposing players before they shoot you. It’s an action packed shooting game for 2 players that requires concentration, skill and fast reflexes. The game has two teams with one red team and one blue team. Players on each team take turns as the shooter, who hunts down the other team. The sniper character starts with a sniper in their hand and must find somewhere to hide it, thus becoming a sniper - unless they get shot first! Players can only shoot when they’re the shooter, so communication and coordination with your teammate is key to winning the

This game is a 2-player shooting game with a spy theme. Players take on the role of secret agents infiltrating an enemy building and trying to find and eliminate the other spy. Each player has their own sniper rifle with clips of bullets and a limited number of sniper scope views, which are used to locate the other player. This game can be played with or without AI bots, as well as in team vs team mode. Practice mode is also available for players to hone their sniper-aiming skills. In this article we will look at how to implement these features in your own version of This amazing

This amazing game is the ultimate 2 player shooting game! Are you ready to become the rooftop sniper? Go head-to-head with a friend and see who strikes first, last, and most. This fun and exciting 2 player shooting game pits you and a friend against one another in a sniper duel from a rooftop. You’ll need to outwit your opponent with quick thinking and fast fingers if you want to come out on top. The tension will be high as you try to keep track of your opponent’s movements while simultaneously sneaking around for the perfect

Welcome to the roof top, where you and your friend can take the opportunity to shoot some people. You need to coordinate with your partner and take down all the targets in this sniper game. It might seem easy but it’s not that simple. Make sure you cover each other with bullets and be patient because these guys are hiding behind those walls waiting for their chance to shoot you. Be careful and have

Rooftop Snipers is an online 2 player game where you and a friend have to take up positions on the rooftop and take out enemy snipers. There are two locations; an abandoned building and a warehouse. You can choose your location and then proceed with the customisation of your sniper. Once set, you begin playing. Keep in mind, you only get one shot at taking down the

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Using Mouse

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