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Scientist vs. Monsters: Fight & Run is a fast-paced 3D runner game with shooting, fighting and action packed gameplay. You play as a scientist who is also an expert in karate, taekwondo and other martial arts. You are on a mission to destroy monsters that wreak havoc on the city. These monsters have been created through experiments at an underground lab, which was broken into and its contents stolen by evil forces. As an intrepid scientist and vigilante, you must fight your way through the city streets and subways to get to the secret laboratory where the evil presence Scientists vs. Monsters: Fight & Run features include : - Shoot and dodge your way through action-packed missions - Run for your life as you escape from terrifying monsters - Intense boss fights that will test your lightning fast reflexes - Upgrade your fighter with new gear, skills, and abilities - Discover hidden secrets by beating challenging levels - Fight against multiple enemies at once – because only one can

The year is 2098, and the earth has been destroyed by pollution. The remaining humans took refuge underground and developed artificial intelligence to monitor their safety. After several centuries of peace, something went wrong with the AI monitoring system. A virus started to spread rapidly through the computer systems of underground laboratories. The scientists tried to fight against this new threat but everything became chaotic when one of them was infected by a mutated version of that virus. You are the Scientist Runner and your mission is to fight against corrupted AI and its mutant minions. This game offers fast-paced action with an amazing storyline, challenging missions, and multiple upgradable skills for your character.

In the near future, mankind will be forced to live in underground shelters due to a cataclysmic event that almost wipes out all life on Earth. The survivors left above ground will be driven by one goal: find a way to re-emerge and repopulate the planet. In this dire scenario, only those with enough courage and strength of character can rise up and lead the way toward the restoration of humanity. Are you such a person? If so, here’s your chance to prove it! Get ready for an epic time as you take on the role of a scientist who must escape from evil experiments and their henchmen in this fast-paced arcade runner game with shoot ‘em up

Scientists Vs Monsters is a monster-filled, action-packed Running game where you are a scientist running away from different kinds of monsters. You must shoot and escape from the monster attack. Try to run as far as you can by avoiding the different kinds of monsters like werewolfs, vampires, zombies and many more that lurk around in the dark alleyways. Scientists Vs Monsters features silly characters, difficult challenges and amazing graphics. Are you ready to fight and escape? Let’s check out what this game

The world is not as beautiful as it seems to be. A secret organization is working to destroy the earth. They have created a virus that can destroy everything and everyone. But, wait! There’s a scientist who won’t let this happen. Scared of being discovered by the secret organization, she has started running from them. Help her escape before they catch

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Using Mouse

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