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Shoot the Asteroids! is an arcade game that has you piloting a plane, shooting at space rocks. It’s up to you to keep them from colliding with your airplane. If you’re not fast enough, they will crash into your plane and it will explode. But don’t worry about dying in this game because there are plenty of power-ups that will help you get past those pesky asteroids and save your aircraft from imminent destruction. How long can you last? The game is super easy to play - just tap on the screen to shoot the asteroids and avoid their collision with your plane. Make sure not to shoot the red ones as they are invulnerable (at least for now) and appear only once in a while as a special challenge for more experienced players. The faster you shoot them, the higher your score will be. You can also use various power-ups which can give you an edge if used wisely. Let’s check out what power-ups

Shoot the Asteroids – a free arcade game for kids and adults! This airplane simulation with shooting elements is your ticket to an exciting virtual world where you play as a pilot of a cargo plane. Your job is to shoot dangerous asteroids that are on collision course with planet Earth. If they hit us, it’ll be game over. You have limited ammo but fortunately you can upgrade your guns and buy new ones as you progress through the game. Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure? Good, then buckle up, pilot -- we have an asteroid apocalypse to

Shoot the Asteroids is a classic arcade game that has been around for decades. The game has you flying an airplane and shooting at asteroids that are flying towards you. There are a lot of different variations to this game; some have power-ups, others have different kinds of asteroids with different levels of difficulty and so This version is just your basic arcade shooter, lots of different difficulties and high score leaderboards

Shoot the Asteroids is an addictive arcade game with a retro style. Your task is to destroy as many asteroids and enemy ships as possible. You can shoot them or use bombs to blow them up. If you hit the small green asteroid fragments, you will get power-ups which will make your ship faster or stronger, or give you more time or bombs. The longer you play, the faster and harder it becomes. Will you be able to reach the highest

Shoot the Asteroids is a fun, fast paced arcade game where you fly around in your airplane shooting asteroids that are flying towards you. The faster you shoot them, the more points you get. If one hits you, it’s game over. How long can you last? This arcade style game is perfect for kids and adults who like airplanes and shooting

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Using Mouse

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