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Smash all these f - animals! is a casual platformer game where you control a super cat. Smack as many animals as possible and watch them fly out of the screen. You can play this game on PC, Laptop, Mobile or tablet device. The goal in each level is to smash all the F-animals that appear on screen. Try not to smash other things like walls or anything else that will deduct points from you. Fortunately, you have super powers that allow you to smite your enemies easily! Just tap on the animal once to smite it and watch it be destroyed into tiny little pieces; or two taps if you prefer your feline friends whole and undamaged. The levels get more challenging with each passing stage no matter how many times you may have played them before. You need to possess great reflexes, quick thinking and both patience and perseverance to make it through the later stages of this game; especially if there’s an F-animal in sight! The levels unlock new characters that also become playable once unlocked; so keep trying until you find the one that suits you

Smash F-animals is an epic shooting game in which you need to tap and avoid various animals as they come out of their holes. This will also help you train your reflexes. You have a limited time to complete the levels and this is why training your reflexes is important. Smash them, Drive them back, Eat them if they come near you, they are F-animals and these are things you can do in this exciting action game. Shoot all the animals that appear on the screen to clear the level and advance to the next one. Unlock new levels by reaching higher scores. If you like these types of games, then download this free version of Smash All These F Animals and enjoy playing it for

F Animals is an action game where you have to smash all the f animals that appear on the farm. The f animals are different kinds of animals that are harmful for the environment and for humans. So, it is your duty as a farmer to eliminate them from earth. Moreover, this game has multiple difficulty levels too so you can play it any time you want. To start with, move the stick and create some space between all the f animals by launching them into another area of the field or other farm. You will be able to see more f animals appearing on the farm once you remove one of them. But, be careful because they might also appear in your field again after some time

How to play Smash all these F animals

Using Mouse

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