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About Sniper Mission War

Prepare to enter the heart of the battlefield in Sniper Mission War, a thrilling 3D online shooter game. You'll take on the role of a highly skilled elite soldier in the sniper forces, tasked with completing challenging missions to turn the tide of war.

Sharpen Your Skills, Secure Victory

Sniper Mission War offers an immersive experience that demands both precision and strategy. Each mission presents a unique challenge, pushing your sniping skills to the limit. Follow the tactical instructions provided throughout each stage, but remember – stealth is key. Being spotted can mean mission failure, so stay hidden and make every shot count.

The Ultimate Thrill of the Hunt

Sniper Mission War boasts the best 3D sniper experience available, putting you right in the action. Feel the intensity of each shot, the heart-pounding anticipation of the hunt, and the satisfaction of a perfectly executed takedown.

How to Play

Master the Scope: Learn the intricacies of your sniper rifle's scope. Factor in distance, wind, and bullet drop to ensure pinpoint accuracy.
Think Like a Tactician: Each mission requires strategic thinking. Analyze the environment, identify your targets, and plan your approach before taking action.
Stay Concealed: Use the environment to your advantage. Utilize cover, camouflage, and suppress enemy fire to remain undetected.

Tips for Domination

Upgrade Your Arsenal: As you progress, unlock and customize powerful new weapons and equipment to tackle increasingly difficult missions.
Practice Makes Perfect: Sharpen your skills in the training grounds before heading into battle. Hone your accuracy and master different shooting scenarios.
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: In some online modes, collaborate with other players to complete objectives and dominate the battlefield.

Join the ranks of the elite in Sniper Mission War and experience the ultimate sniper thrill!

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