Sniper Shot: Bullet Time

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About Sniper Shot: Bullet Time

You are a sniper, your mission is simple shoot the enemies before they kill you. Be the last one standing and fight your way through different game modes and

In this cool sniper game you fight as a soldier against the enemies of your country. You are on a secret mission and your task is to eliminate all foes by shooting them with your sniper rifle. Watch out for their bullets, circle around objects and shoot them before they do the same to you! Keep hitting the enemies until you complete your objective. Each level gets more challenging so good luck

This sniper game is a battle of wits with lots of bullets. You are a soldier, left alone in the woods to complete your objectives. Enemies are scattered around and visibility is limited. You need to use the long-range scope on your gun to take them down as fast as possible. Stay alert, keep shooting and never let them get close to you. Keep reading for more

Sniper Shot is a fast-paced, one-player shooter game where you play as a sniper in the action. Your mission is to eliminate all of your enemies, who are trying to take over your base. You must stay undetected, and you can only shoot when in bullet time. Stay alert and

In Sniper Shot you have to avoid bullets and take down all your enemies. They’re everywhere, so be careful! Try to shoot them before they shoot you. Kill them before they kill you. It’s that simple. If you love shooting games and sniper games, this is the perfect game for

How to play Sniper Shot: Bullet Time

Using Mouse

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