Snow Sniper

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About Snow Sniper

Snow Sniper is a sniper shooting game with a Christmas theme. You are a sniper who works for the Anti-Santa organization. Your task is to stop the red-nosed reindeer and their helpers from delivering gifts. To do so, you need to eliminate anyone who tries to help them along their way. The game takes place at night, which makes it even more challenging for you as there’s little visibility and you need to check your surroundings frequently. But fear not! As long as you stay hidden and use your advanced sniping skills, there’ll be no problem for you. Happy

This amazing game is a snow-themed First Person Shooter game with beautiful graphics and a challenging difficulty curve. In this game, your task is to take down all the enemies while protecting yourself from being shot by them. You can choose from 4 unique characters each with unique abilities and stats. If you like First Person Shooter games, shooting games or sniper games, you’ll love This one

Do you have what it takes to be a snow sniper? Prove it! Freeze your enemies, tag them and win. Upgrade your sniper rifle, skills and abilities to become the ultimate snow sniper. Shoot them all before they shoot you. Good luck! Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming

Snow sniper is a 2d shooter game, where you must kill your enemies. You are a sniper, who is hiding in the snow and hunting your enemies. They will hide in the bushes, behind trees and other places to eat you. You must be careful and shoot them before they shoot

This game is a 2D shooting game. You are attacked by enemies in the woods with need to help sniper kill them one by one and save the forest. Fortunately, you have a sniper rifle and some bullets to win this

How to play Snow Sniper

Using Mouse

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