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The Defenders is a strategic defense game where you need to protect your base from alien invaders. Create an army of heroes with unique and powerful heroes, upgrade their equipment and train them in the academy to unlock new abilities. The Defenders is a strategy defense game based on comic book series The Defenders. Aliens have attacked Earth and it’s up to the superheroes in The Defenders franchise to defend us against these alien invaders. Assemble an army of heroes with unique powers, upgrade their weapons and training facilities, build a base with barricades, turrets and traps to stop the alien attackers. Upgrade your hero’s abilities by earning XP through completing missions or by spending money on skill points. Unlock new characters by completing side missions such as saving civilians from harm or destroying enemy bases before they can build another one. Create an army of heroes by unlocking each superhero’s profile and upgrading them individually or collectively. Each superhero has an individual base cost but if you choose to upgrade all of them at once you will only pay for 1 base rather than 6 individual ones… therefore increasing your chances of defeating the enemy even more! Heroes increase in levels as they are trained at the academy which increases their stats, unlocks new skills and enables them to use more powerful equipment and weapons. Each level also increases their strength which means that they are capable of carrying more items, dealing more damage with their attacks, becoming stronger after leveling up Often it can be wiser to train all your heroes

Are you ready to join the Stickman Army and save the world from evil alien invaders? Become a member of the Defenders, an elite group of shooting stickmen. Join forces with Captain Boomerang, Ms. Marvel, The Hulk, Quake, Hawkeye and other heroes to take down LADY STICK and her army! In this Strategy Defense game you will assume control of a stickman as he goes on adventures with his friends in order to save the world from alien invaders. Complete missions and defeat enemies as you create your own base and tower layouts for maximum defense. Unlock new weapons such as rocket launchers and gravity guns, upgrade your stickmen and build defensive towers around your base to take out enemies before they reach it. The Stickman Army won’t let anyone conquer

The Stickman Army is an unorganized group of men and women who answer to no one but themselves. Their sole purpose is to defend their city at any cost and they will stop at nothing until that goal is achieved. They are a versatile army, well-trained in every aspect of warfare. They have limited resources and must improvise as much as possible on the battlefield, but they are not afraid to call in a strike support unit if they need it. The Stickman Army can only grow stronger with each passing day and we hope you join

Stickman Army is a Strategy game by Stickman Games. In this epic war against stickmen, you will fight with your archers and siege weapons. Build your own army and train them to become the greatest soldiers ever. - Train soldiers and upgrade their abilities using gold coins that you win in battles. - Buy new siege weapons at the shop to help you in your battles. ^^ This is an action packed tower defense game where you defend your kingdom from stick coming at you from all

The Defenders is a Strategy game where your objective is to defend your base from the stick figure attackers. The Stickman Army are attacking your base and it up to you to stop the vanguard. Use different strategies and weapons to hold them back. You will have to build walls, turrets, lasers, traps and much more if you want to succeed in this war. Make sure that you don't get defeated or they will just keep coming

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Using Mouse

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