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Stickman is the new hero everyone is talking about. The more he shoots and survives the more people are impressed. Stickman City Shooting 3D is a new shooting game which is developed by Stickman Games and published by Stickman Studios. In this game you will be playing the role of Stickman who has come to rescue his friend who is stuck inside a fortress. The goal of each level is simple; reach the end point while avoiding or eliminating all of the stickmen enemies along the way. However, it won’t be as easy as it looks. Each level features various obstacles such as gaps, walls, and doors that can only be passed if they are opened from the other side. There will also be security cameras that patrol every corner in order to track any suspicious movement inside or outside the fortress. You must be cautious when moving around or entering places where stickmen are not accustomed to because they might sneak up on you from behind without

This is the third part of Stickman City Shooting series and more fun. stickman city shooting 3d is a new and interesting shooting game. This time you will play with stickman on a dangerous road trip in which there are many stakes: the life of their friends or even their own. You will control your character using only your phone to avoid being bitten by predators or crushed by falling objects. In this game, you have to fight against several stickmen enemies and dodge their attacks as well as other obstacles that appear along the way to complete each level successfully. To succeed in this game, you must have fast reactions, sharp eyes, and good reflexes. You must also be careful about the various traps that are hidden on the street and not broken your concentration at all times especially when you are alone exploring it with no one around you to help rescue you in case something goes wrong with

Stickman City Shooting 3D is a mobile shooting game. Stickman City has been invaded by monsters. You are the only hero who could save Stickman City from getting destroyed by those monsters. You will have to shoot them before they shoot you. There are many weapons and objects in this city, so finding them is not going to be an easy task. You can upgrade your weapon, buy new ones or find some useful tools for yourself like ammo boxes, health kits, as you progress in the game. Remember that each new level would bring more difficulty to you, but also more rewards. Are you ready to face the challenge? Come and fight with stickmans! Read more about this

Make your way through the City shooting everything and everyone. Survive as long as you can to become the King of Shooters. - Buy new weapons, upgrade them, unlock better ones and fight against legions of enemies until you are sure you have reached the top! - Battle hordes of enemies using different strategies and earn powerful upgrades to improve your gameplay. New weapons, upgrades, obstacles, enemies… It’s all about survival in this Shoot ‘em Up in which you must reach the end of each level alive to unlock the next one! - Challenge your friends on Facebook or with AI opponents in local multiplayer mode.

Are you ready for the stickman battle? Then today is your lucky day, because we are here with a new Stickman City Shooting game for you! This time we have prepared a brand new and fun shooting game for all of you called Stickman City Shooting 3d! In this new and exciting Stickman City Shooting 3d, you will be playing the role of a stickman and your mission is to shoot down all of the enemies that come in front of you. Are you ready for some challenging level after level? The more difficult challenges are waiting for you right ahead, so keep reading to find out how to play this

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Using Mouse

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