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Battle and Action Games. Stickman Epic Battle,game,action, action, stickmans, stickman, archer, shooting, 2d, shooter, stickman These games are for you if: You like action games that have a serious impact. If by some chance you do not know what an Action game is, then this is the category for you. Action games are usually fast-paced and focused on extreme violence. These games will challenge your mind as much as they’ll challenge your muscles. Whatever your requirement may be, we can guarantee you that we have the perfect game for you. Check out these top 10 stickman action games !!! ( don’t worry if you can’t find yours … we’re adding new ones all the

Stickman vs. Stickman is an awesome, action packed shooting game where you have to battle against other stickmen! Stay hidden from them and try not to get shot! Charge at them with your sword and arrows or use your gun. Either way, you will defeat the stickmen! This game is a 3rd person shooter with some archery and stickman features incorporated into it. You take control of one of 4 unique characters: Archer, Swordsman, Ninja or Fist Fighter. Each character has their own unique skills and powers that will help you in fighting your way through the

You are stuckman! Help the stickman to collect all the red stars and avoid the obstacles in his way. Use your arrow keys or WASD to move. Avoid obstacles and collect bonuses to grow stronger. Have Fun! If you like Shoot Em Up Games, you will love Sticky Man Epic Battle! Tags: Action, Shooting, 2d, Shooter,

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Using Mouse

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